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Steeped in the mythology of Balor of the Evil Eye, Colmcille’s monastic settlement, and Phelim’s little broken boat, Tory Island has been inhabited for thousands of years.
The island has survived centuries of pirate raiding, penal revenue taxation, and threatened depopulation. Resolute and self-reliant, the inhabitants of Tory have battled the elements, defied the odds, and exhibited a well-honed sense of self that has served the island well during the harshest of times.

Today, Tory is a thriving community made up of teachers, artists, sailors and boatmen, handymen, builders, conservationists, singers, performers, and musicians - the population is growing.

The internet and remote working practices, and the continued development of the tourist industry will underpin the island’s population stability. Údarás and Oifigeach Pleanála Teanga will work synchronously with changing work practices to develop employment, and to support and protect the rich linguistic and cultural heritage of Tory Island.

Tory is on the cusp of a new phase that will see Tory Island hang around for a few more millennia.

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Comharchumann Thoraí Teo

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